I like to specialize in acoustic stringed instruments. I’ve been building high-quality, acoustically superb instruments since 1990 and bringing your instrument back to fullness and playability is part of that practice. My bench rate is 40/hr and I do my best to accommodate everybody.

Full payment is due 30 days after completion and before the instrument leaves my shop. After 30 days expect a storage charge of 10.00/month unless otherwise arranged. Space is limited.

These prices are for labour only.

Set up maybe required at an additional charge unless otherwise noted.

Common repair prices for 2016:

Complete Set up and Intonation:

Acoustic guitar, 65.00

Mandolin, 85.00

12 string Guitar, 125.00

Banjo, 75.00

Resonator Guitar, 85.00

Bouzouki, 85.00

Fret dressing (plus setup):

Complete Fret Dressing, 125.00

Minimum Fret Dressing, 75.00

Fret ends only, 30.00

Re–Fret (plus setup plus 10.00 for parts)

Re-fret, 200.00

Partial re-fret and dressing (3-12 frets), 120.00 minimum

Re-fret bound fingerboard, 275.00

Refinishing beyond a simple oil treatment is an hourly rate

Other custom fret fixes are an hourly charge

Nuts and Saddles (plus setup/intonation as necessary)

New bone nut (manufacture plus 6.00 parts), 40.00                                

New bone saddle (plus 6.00 for parts), 40.00

Install pre-slotted plastic nut, 35.00

Tuners (plus parts)

Retro fit, 20.00

Different style (fill holes and touch up), 40.00

Structural repairs (plus parts)

Cracked Headstock (with touch up), 120.00 plus

Backstrap Installation (with touchup), 150.00

Headstock replacement: estimate

Top Rim and Back cracks, hourly

Diagnose and reglue loose braces, 50.00 each


Bridge Shave, 30.00

Replace Bridge Plate, 120.00

Reglue Acoustic Bridge, 80.00

Reglue Acoustic Bridge with Pickup, 100.00

Reglue Classical Bridge, 80.00

Reglue Custom style bridge J200 antique or other: estimate

Make and install new bridge (plus cost of blank ebony or rosewood), 150.00

Harp Repair

Harp regulation, 8.00/sharping lever

Restringing (plus string set, include preliminary stretching and tuning)4.00/ string

Peg replacement or adjustment: estimate

Structural repairs or replacement of necks ,soundboards etc: estimate 

Banjo Repair

Install banjo head (plus parts), 40.00

Install Skin head (plus parts), 65.00-80.00

Other repairs by estimate

Restoration and Other Specialty Items

Antique and historical instruments are priced by estimate only. There is a 30.00 charge for an estimate on delicate instruments or complete train wrecks.

Grampa’s Guitar

Kay, I’m just as nostalgic as the next guy. I like the idea of heirloom instruments and strive for that kind of lasting quality in my work. However if an instrument is of cheap manufacture or has been stored for an extended period in the attic, basement or barn, unfortunately it may just be a wall hanger or be a really big project… just saying. I do my best to accommodate.